War… War never changes. The evolution of humanity is paved with bloodshed, and our journey into the stars is no exception. Even after venturing off our world and establishing colonies on Luna and Mars, humanity was unable to conquer our baser instincts and descended into a Third World War. Out of the ashes rose two great powers: The United Alliance, decided from the old North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the PanAsian Empire, formed from a union of Russia, China, and Japan. These nations took to the stars, and for the next hundred years, we enjoyed a respite from violence. Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and after decades of tension war erupted once again.

Now known as the Interstellar War, this conflict devastated humanity, Earth was rendered an irradiated, uninhabitable wasteland, and the final death toll numbered in the billions. There was no formal peace treaty; only a tenuous cease-fire. Both sides claim an area between them call the Disputed Zone, known to its inhabitants as the Red Zone. Neither faction is willing to provoke the other by establishing control, nor are they willing to cede it to the other.

However, there was more upheaval yet to come. Two years after the war ended, ships in a system past the boundaries of human space encountered a vessel of extraterrestrial origin and, in a panic, destroyed it. These aliens, an aquatic race know to humans as “Aquans”, retaliated with a vengeance. Finally, six months later, diplomats were able to convince the Aquans that this had been a misunderstanding, and they retreated back into their space, leaving a warning that no humans should ever enter their territory uninvited.

A group calling themselves the Syndicate has risen in the post war chaos. Along with legitimate business, they are also involved in all manner of illegal or nefarious enterprises. What they have become known for, however, is information. They have the best intelligence network in the known universe, and are willing to sell their services to the highest bidder.

For now, ten years after the Interstellar War and eight years after the First Contact War, the galaxy enjoys an uneasy peace. Tensions are high between the Alliance and the Empire, with small skirmishes frequent in the Red Zone. Within the Empire, many of the feudal lords are discontent with their emperor, and some might even rebel if the right circumstances arose. Pirate attacks continue throughout the Disputed Zone and along the perimeter of both the Alliance and the Empire. Several planets in the Red Zone have officially declared independence from the major powers and might risk everything to defend that claim.

The year is 2191. You are the ragtag crew of an old ship. Decide your role in the coming saga: will you try to make a name for yourself, explore the far reaches of the galaxy, or just weather the coming storm? Events have been set in motion that will forever change the galaxy, strange worlds wait beyond the frontier, and danger lurks around every jump point. Endless possibilities await, so venture forth and fulfill your part in history.

Voices in the Dark

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